Beer Bottle Car Freshie
Beer Bottle Car Freshie
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Beer Bottle Car Freshie

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Handmade Freshie - perfect for hanging on your rear view mirror / closet / in rooms!

Scent lasts 4-6 weeks + 

Warning: Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not place directly on finished surfaces as the dyes and oils can damage surface. Do no place on hot surfaces and avoid extreme heat as they can melt.

 **Color Will be scent at random w/ what we have in stock!**


Bare Bottom Cowboy: A wonderful blend of fruity bananas, pineapple, coconut milk,

strawberry, cherry, peach and vanilla & leather

Bird of Paradise: Sweet mix of lemon, orange, tuberose, birds of paradise, magnolia leaves,

jasmine with hints of rose, jasmine and honeysuckle

Birthday Cake: Sweet vanilla birthday cake

Black Raspberry Vanilla: A sweet mixture of black raspberries & vanilla. BBW Type

Blazin’ Saddles: A wonderful fresh Leather fragrance with a hint of spicy cinnamon

Bora Bora: Sweet Pineapple, mango zest, acai berry, tart passion fruit, orchid leaves, yuzu zest,

green apple, and musky nuances.

Bucking Chutes: Citrus, bergamot, sea salt & amber wood. Manly scent

Butt Naked: Mix of bananas, pineapple, coconut milk, strawberry, cherry, melon, peach,

and vanilla (#1 Best Seller)

Caribbean Escape : An island breeze of fresh pineapple, casaba melon & creamy

coconut. (BBW Type)

Cinnamon Red Hot: Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Red Hots

Cowboy Britches: A mixture of a popular mens cologne mixed with the right amount of


Cowgirl Britches: This is a sweet sugary scent mixed with Leather

Coyote Ugly: A manly blend of lavender & oakmoss with hints of jasmine and sandalwood.

Crazy Cactus: A unique blend of light coconut and fresh flowers with a sandalwood and

soothing musk.

Crème Brulee: Creamy, buttery with hints of almonds and vanilla.

Drunken Cowboy: Fruity Mixed drink of Pineapple and coconut mixed with Leather

Endlessly in Love: A floral bouquet with a fruity twist.

Fierce: A bold, clean scent of fresh citrus and warm musk. (Abercrombie Fitch Type)

Fruity Gems: aka Fruity Pebbles

Green Apple Explosion: A burst of Green Apple

Gypsy Smoke: bergamot, cypress, sweet hay, chicory, patchouli & amber

Home Sweet Home: Spicy cinnamon and clove with rose & ylang ylang

Jamaica Me Crazy: Mandarin, Mexican lime, tangerine, kumquat, watermelon, tart green

apples and cantaloupe.

Kiss n’ Tell: A very playful Tropical Punch scent with hints of vanilla.

Leather: Like walking into a boot and saddle shop.

Leather & Lace: Sugared Vanilla mixed with a little leather to make a Vanilla Leather.

Mango & Papaya: A sweet blend of Mango & Papaya

Mahogany & Teakwood : Green, citrus and fruit with floral notes of jasmine, rose

and lily enhanced by sweet woody musk.

Onyx: Strong, clean manly scent. Mossy, woody, hints of Lavender and Jasmine. Inspired by

the famous Little Trees Black Ice.

Pink Spurs: One of our popular women scents- Love Spell mixed with the right amount of


Ranch Rodeo: Our version of Cherry Leather

Sea Salt & Cactus: Green, watery cactus accords mingle with fresh, sea salt

Strawberry Leather: A scent of leather mixed with sweet strawberries.

Unicorn Kisses: Jasmine and violet, grapefruit, kumquat, raspberry, cantaloupe, watermelon.

Vanilla Cotton: Aura of twilight skies, red currant & soft dewberry. Southern cotton flower

with ylang petals & lily of the valley. White amber, vanilla orchid wrapped in warm musk.

Volcano: Sugared oranges, limes and lemons and tropical fruits with a hint of exotic

mountain greens. (Best Seller)

Watermelon Crawl: Just like a Jolly Rancher! (Best Seller)

Watermelon Lemonade: Juicy Watermelon with freshly squeezed Lemons. (BBW Type)

Weekend Getaway: Sun Kissed magnolia, vanilla sandalwood, raspberry lychee sorbert.

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